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When you work with commercial properties and clients, there are constant demands on you for high-quality proposals to sell or lease a property, and thereby effectively resolve a clients challenge with their investment(s).  There are also requirements (albeit different) for property management proposals.

So, what are the rules?  Over the years, I have determined a ‘formula’ to the proposal process.

I have split the ‘formula’ down into six key areas.  I also apply % priorities to the document and the focus.

The Proposal Chart

How does it work?  Get the chart here or at the image link below.

The ‘100 % Proposal’ can be split up into focus areas and key facts.  Compare your proposals to my priorities.

Here is the chart to help you with that.  Perhaps you can add to the equation with your property types and locations.

real estate proposal chart of priorities
Real Estate Proposal Matrix Template

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