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In commercial real estate today, there are certain things that you must do to consolidate and build your personal brand as a professional and specialised real estate agent or broker. Given the levels of brokerage competition in any town or city, top agents need to rise above others in the industry to attract better listings and client opportunities. When top agents reach the pinnacle of their market, they need to stay there with a deliberate focus on professional service and promotion at the highest level. That focus should include investment sales, project leasing, tenancy mix strategies, property renovation or repositioning, and direct marketing.  In each category you can attract and service different clients.

It directly follows that a top agent should implement a personal branding and marketing structure for themselves and also their listings; in that way they can stay ahead of the other agents in their location and attract the quality listings at the right time and in the right way. That strategy should be merged into a new business personal prospecting model and an ongoing client contact process.  ‘Churn creates churn, and that’s how top agents create more business.  Start ‘churning your market’.

Given the changes to property throughout the year, the individual strategy behind agent marketing should continue through all seasons and months.  Understand how the property market fluctuates locally and seasonally due to business activity and investor enquiry; adjust your marketing efforts accordingly. As the market changes between sales and leasing focus each year, all agents should be shifting prospecting activity and client contact accordingly.

Branding and Marketing Rules for Agents

Here are some branding and marketing ideas to help you stay ahead of competing agents locally:

  1. QUALITY: Deliberately focus on high quality listings in top locations. In that way you will always achieve better levels of enquiry with any listing. Over time that allows you to build your database more comprehensively and directly.
  2. EXCLUSIVITY: As part of your presentation or pitch with a new client or a prospect, focus on exclusivity and vendor paid marketing as part of the listing process. In that way you can promote the quality property directly into the target audience and the location. Control your listing stock.
  3. MARKET FACTS: Write regular editorials, articles, and blogs about the local area and the property activity around you today. You can publish those items on your website and also within your social media. Let people see how you are the top agent.
  4. SHOW AND TELL: With every listing successfully taken to an end result of contract or lease, ensure that you get success letters and/or case studies into the marketplace. You can do that through the direct mail process, your database, emails, and on your website.
  5. CREATIVE MARKETING: When comes to promoting any listed property, do so with creativity and merge points of difference into the marketing campaign; understand the strengths and weaknesses of every listing. Take your exclusive listings and creatively market them directly to the right people in the right way.
  6. PERSONAL MARKETING: Make every marketing campaign uniquely special incorporating online, off-line, and direct marketing strategies. Get involved with your marketing initiatives so that the client can see how you will benefit the overall property challenge and achieve a faster outcome. Tell the client how you personally will take the exclusive listing directly into the local area.  The tenant or buyer that you seek is likely to be ‘locally based’.

The message here is quite clear. Every high quality listing and top quality client should be the subject of a comprehensive marketing and direct promotional strategy. You can merge your own personal brand into that initiative. Over time that will allow you to build your brand as an industry specialist in your location.

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