Commercial Real Estate Agents – Sales Meeting Agenda Tips

In commercial real estate today, the sales meeting process is usually a weekly event.  An agenda is an important part of the process to keep things on track and within time limits.  I am not a big believer that sales meetings should be long and lengthy; that longer meeting should be left to the monthly performance interview and full team meeting.  The monthly meeting will normally be a full morning of ‘one on one’ connections and a group meeting at the end.

Here are some key observations regards weekly sales meetings in agency:

  • The best days of the week to do the meetings will usually be on Tuesday or Wednesday.  That will then help you avoid the problems around weekends and any property business that has to be done from that.
  • As a general rule the ordinary sales meeting should be over in one hour.  That means every salesperson should come to the meeting with the required information and contribute in a timely way.
  • Late attendance by salespeople at weekly meetings should not be tolerated.  It shows a lack of respect for the leader and agency overall.
  • Keep records and minutes from every meeting.  Circulate every set of minutes within 24 hours so everyone knows what is required of them to respond or action particular issues.

It is a fact that many salespeople do not have the mental focus to sit through a long meeting; they prefer to be out and about in the market.  That is not a bad thing; it just needs to be understood.

Here are some tips for building an agenda for your commercial real estate agency sales team.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting – circulate the minutes for all to go through.
  2. Issues arising from the last meeting – it is important that any issues from the last meeting are progressed.  This then means that the team and the individuals involved should have taken steps to do the things that they said that they would do at and from the last meeting.
  3. Current business for the team – these will be issues that are overall team and performance oriented.  Matters of administration can also be raised here.
  4. Salesperson reports – this should include listings, deals, time on market, clients, and negotiations.  A salesperson should give a complete and up to date summary of what they are doing and how the market is working for them.
  5. Team leader report – this will relate to the market and the office.  Tell the group about how the office and its market share is moving up in the local area.
  6. Market trends – these should be shared and discussed as things will change throughout the year.  Help the team to understand just what is going on locally through a shared discussion.

To cover all of these issues, a strict time frame and agenda process should occur.  Keep things moving and discourage people from taking too much time to get their point across.


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