Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Tips for Starting an Online Newsletter

Start a commercial property news service so you can build more rapport with property people in the local area and show that you are the industry expert for the location.

There are far too many agents and brokers that just fall into the ‘generic’ category of property service and new business.  Very few of them are truly the specialists of the industry that can talk about property returns, highest and best use, income optimization, and property performance.  Do you want to stand out as the ‘agent of choice’ for your location?

Property News Service

So to take the ‘high ground’ in personal marketing as a commercial real estate agent you can start a ‘Property News Service’ at a personal level and distribute it regularly to the people that matter in the location.  It can help you connect with those people that will need property help and resolve in the future.  So who are those people?  Try this simple list:

  • Investors
  • Tenants
  • Business owners
  • Owner occupiers

In one newsletter you can cover separate topics that are relevant to people in all four groups.  A simple set of articles relevant to the location or your town or city will help you get started.  The articles can be formatted in a simple word document, pictures and or statistics from your location can be added, and you can then load the document online into a blog, publish it as an article, distribute it in your social media systems, and copy it for handing out as you meet new people every day.  One simple newsletter can be distributed to thousands of people.  If you have a database of clients and prospects, the opportunities from newsletter distribution get even better.

Local Property Specialist

Why do this?  You have to show the people in the property market that you are an industry specialist for the location.  That is easy to do when you can talk about events in property locally and show the property people that you have a relevant and up to date view on property activity.  That is where the newsletter process is so powerful.

With the ever increasing evolution of computers and tablets, it is really easy to design and distribute this newsletter and marketing material to help you boost your personal profile promotion.  Here are some topics that you can put in your publication:

  1. Focus on market segments – Remember the differences between office, industrial, and retail property. Talk about them separately in your publication.
  2. Understand the times of year – There will be seasonal changes to property activity each year. You can talk about the changes and the upcoming opportunities of precinct change or any new developments under consideration for the region.
  3. Case studies about Property – When you sell, lease, or manage a property there will be elements of general interest that can be put into a ‘case study’ for the local readers. The ‘case study’ can also let you show the market that you were the person to solve a property problem in a timely and positive way.
  4. Property history – When you study the older buildings and the precincts locally you will find interesting facts that can be spoken and written about. Many property owners and investors like to hear about and read articles about property change for the location.  Choose some buildings that have a real identity and start your research.

So how often should you publish this commercial real estate newsletter?  Sending it out once a month is fine as a distribution frequency, as long as you make the publication interesting.  Use it as a marketing tool.  That is really what this is all about.

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