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Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Boost Your Prospecting Responses with Online Marketing

In commercial real estate brokerage you can boost your marketing responses and personal profile significantly through the use of directed online marketing.  Whilst it is logical to promote your property listings online, it is also very logical and highly effective to promote yourself in the same way.  You simply need to develop a strategy and some relevant and real content for the location.  There are a few good tools to use in the process.

Most commercial real estate agents and brokers are far too generic when it comes to personal promotion within their location.  They tend to wait for the sales and leasing business to come through the door of the brokerage.  Over time that ‘wait and see approach’ can only lead to a low number of listing conversions and poor commissions.  So is time to look at the ways to develop your personal profile online and boost your client and prospect profiles.

How Can You Market and Promote?

Here are some ideas to help you market yourself effectively and directly to the location and the people that will need your business over time:

  1. Focus on a property type and location – When you focus your personal marketing efforts within these two parameters, you will find that it is a lot easier to attract property inquiry and boost your listing profile. You cannot and should not try to specialise in every property type locally.  Specialise within the property segments and the locations that you understand; in that way you can show that you are the professional for the segment and be the person to call on where any real property challenge develops for any client or prospect.
  2. Write about property activity – When something happens in the local property market it can be of interest to others. Without breaching the elements of confidentiality and business protocol, you can write about the interesting recent changes within the property market across sales, leasing, and property management.  You can talk about property performance, prices, and rentals to attract the readership and the interest of local property owners and business proprietors.  If any sales or leasing transaction occurs locally, or perhaps a new property development is under consideration, it is worth writing about.
  3. Use the blogging process for marketing at a personal level – Use the blogging process to distribute your personal marketing material, ideas, tips and results about the property marketplace for your town or city. You can establish a blog personally and control the content in a positive and relevant way for the location; that will significantly help your online profile with the search engines.  Within each blog article you can talk about recent changes for the location and within any property type; focus on being specific and dig deeper into the topic.  Be aware that you are trying to create an image online as the industry specialist for particular segments.  In that way the blog should be deliberately designed to focus on only on a limited number of things such as the location and the property type.  When you have a blog underway, you should write articles regularly and load them online.  It is usually sufficient to write articles two or three times a week.
  4. Distribute through social media – From the previous point you can then distribute your articles through your social media channels. In saying that, it is important that the opinions and articles that you distribute are relevant to the property market today and of a professional nature.  Send the right message to the people that you interact with.  Make sure that your articles are specific and interesting.


So there are plenty of things that you can do here to boost your responses in marketing and as a commercial real estate agent for your location.  The advantages of online marketing today are significant and real for every commercial real estate agent and broker.  If you want the search engines to recognize you as a property specialist for the location, then the strategies mentioned above will help you greatly.

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