Curiosity Always Wins in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

As a salesperson or leasing specialist in commercial property, a good degree of curiosity will help you in finding your local property opportunities.  That strategy will involve asking questions, meeting new people, and researching property ownership and occupancy details.  Get the process underway.


Keep the ‘curiosity factor’ active every day.  You can always get better at asking questions, connecting with new people, and researching the right information.  Look for things, and you will find them.



Look for Property Opportunities


Real estate opportunities evolve from new connections and contact processes; that fact we cannot avoid.  Curiosity is part of that, and it is a personal thing.  You can and should be ‘professionally curious’.


Learn how to ask better questions.  Look for property changes and opportunities that abound around you.  Discover the local property changes before your competitors do.


Where can you start?  Seek out the local property changes and ‘churn factors’, by methodically and logically working with identified information and facts.  Track the information that you find; do that in your database.  Use the network of people that you know to find more people and situations that require professional property help and resolve.



Local Specialists


Think and observe from a ‘specialist’ perspective.  Dig down into facts and locations.  That will involve logical market coverage.  Top agents are specialists in a property type or location.  Make that a focus of your real estate business.


One small event or action observed today can be a property sale or lease at a later time.  Travel around your territory or designated property zone frequently.  Get out of the car and walk the streets taking notes as you go.  The ‘slowness’ of walking helps you see much more as you pass by buildings and businesses.   Take notes; those notes will lead to opportunities if you work on the identified things.



Change and Churn Factors


These are the factors of change that you can include in your real estate activities and ‘curiosity’ investigations:



  1. Look at what businesses are doing with property and occupancy – it is fundamentally important that we know what local businesses are thinking and doing when it comes to property. Sometimes they will be moving, expanding, or contracting.  Work with the ‘change and churn’ factors as you find them.  Get to know the business leaders from the location and keep in contact with them.
  2. Understand what and where investors are active in your location – good properties will attract investor interest. You can build a good database of investors from quality listing stock.
  3. Know how the property precinct is changing – roads, new buildings, renovations, and relocations will all be triggers for property activity. Also look for the changes to property zoning and building codes. The municipal council will be a valuable source of property change information.
  4. Research local franchise groups to see who is looking to move or expand in your city – there are plenty of franchise business models around that use property and premises to trade from. Ensure that you have a comprehensive list of franchise groups and the key property personnel in each.



These simple strategies will very likely help you with establishing a ‘curiosity’ based commercial real estate business.  Build your real estate business on the back of local property information that has been directly sourced and qualified for action.

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