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Factors of Lease Renegotiation in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – slides

Think about all the opportunities for lease renegotiation in your location. There are plenty of buildings and tenants in your territory where you can provide specific lease assistance. 

Landlords and tenants all require specialised help.  Leases need to be renegotiated at the end of the term or at times when the landlord and/or tenant adjustment is required.

So what does this mean?  You can work with more tenants and landlords as they adjust their occupancy issues to a property and the prevailing market conditions.

What about:

  • Rent review assistance
  • Market rental facts
  • Lease renegotiation
  • Moving a tenant to another location
  • Finding another property
  • Finding another tenant

There are commissions and fees in those issues.  Be versatile in your lease services and match your fees to the task.  When you know a lot about a location and property type, you can do many things with rents, tenants, and landlords.

John Highman talks about the required efficiency in brokerage leasing in this group of slides.  Are you up to the leasing challenge?  Can you get to know more tenants and landlords?  Here are some more leasing ideas to help you with that.

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Ideas for lease renegotiation in commercial real estate brokerage.




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