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How to Prepare a Focused Listing Proposal in Commercial Real Estate

As a specialist commercial real estate broker or agent, you will be preparing a good number of business proposals and particularly list strategies over time.

The documents that you prepare should always be carefully considered for the listing, the location, the market conditions, and the client in question.

The documents should also be of the highest possible professional presentation in every respect.  How do your documents for listing now rate?  There are some challenges and some strategies.

Decisions in Presenting

So, there are some decisions to be made here as part of preparing your presentation and your documentation. The time taken in the preparation process will be of great advantage when it comes to the final conversion of the client and the listing. 

Every listing should also be converted ‘exclusively’ with due care for the required marketing spend and the target market of buyers. 

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Getting the Full Picture

Here are some specific ideas to help you prepare proposals and show your expertise as an industry specialist for your location:

  • THE ZONE: Understand the location from every possible perspective. Look at the property, and look at the surrounding buildings and the precinct. Understand the trends of the zone when it comes to sales, leasing, and occupancy in the area. Over time there will be a history of price and rent activity to give you some awareness of change and churn. The history of the area will help you ‘predict’ the best way to promote the listing and create better levels of enquiry.
  • PROMOTIONS: Provide targeted marketing alternatives that show the client that you are prepared to do more with your time in finding the buyers that are best suited to the property. Use a good balance of online and offline marketing methods and explain the best solutions that you know work; use other testimonials and stories from other listings as part of proving your solutions and strategies.
  • THE CLIENT: Get to know the clients ‘thinking’ as part of the listing preparation process. Well framed questions and answers will help you understand what the client thinks and needs as part of acting on their property challenge.  There will be change and churn requirements that the client must have satisfied in taking their property to the market.
  • SHOW AND TELL: Show trends and strategies ‘visually’ as part of your property strategy. The visual approach can include Pert and Gantt displays of actions to be taken in the property marketing and promotion.  If you have framed the target market sufficiently with the client, the ‘visual’ approach to making recommendations with the property should be easy.

In saying these things, get away from the use of too many words in your property presentation material.  Keep things simple and specific as you engage the client in your property listing proposal and recommendations. 

Above all else, do not be generic in your business strategies.  That is how you should create and prepare an effective proposal to market any commercial or retail property.

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