How to Ramp Up Your Real Estate Prospecting System

The cycle of commercial real estate sales and leasing is quite long and so you should have a prospecting system that is active and localized to your property type and precincts.  It can be months if not years before a client is ready to act in a sale, purchase, or lease. In today’s prodcast I share some ideas about how you can work with that and still grow your property market with good listings and opportunities.

Be prepared for the ‘long haul’ as you work into your location and build your property market around you.  Your networking system has to continue in a relevant way an extended time to capture that business.  The only thing that you should determine at the outset of first contact is if the person or prospect has the potential to need your services in the future.  Will they be needing real estate help at some future time?  Use the question as you prospect for new business.


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