Professional Services Marketing in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Commercial real estate investors are special as is the property type that they are involved in.  From time to time they need special help with the changes appropriate and targets require to shape their investments.

If commercial property is your industry, then you can and should focus your professional services into this client segment and determine how you can help those people.  The trick is in knowing how you can help them.

The Facts

Investors need help.  Understand that most of the time they are tuned to property improvements, rental increases, income stability, risk minimisation, and capital gain.  Just how they can get to their targets will be variable, but you can be the right person to help them if you know enough about the local property market and the issues evolving from that zone or precinct.  Match your professional services to the market and the people that you serve.

Your Services

Here are some helpful services below that you can offer your investment clients if you want to specialise in ‘commercial and retail investment sales and leasing’.  Consider your skills relating to these things:

  1. FINDING PROPERTIES: Many investors will own a number of local properties. They will be on the ‘look out’ for new properties to balance their investments.  Diversity is a valuable strategy when spreading the risk in a property portfolio.  Location alternatives will also help with balancing a property portfolio.
  2. RESOLVING VACANCIES: The greater the number of tenants that you have in a property or portfolio, the greater the risk of vacancy and decline in rental. Both factors of investment control can be optimised and well controlled with leasing focus and skill.
  3. SELLING ASSETS AT THE RIGHT TIME: When you look at the average calendar year and its impact on local property, there will be better times to sell and lease an asset. If you are trying to resolve a property challenge, look at the year, the competing properties and the current levels of enquiry.  Choose the best time to take a property to the market.
  4. IMPROVING TENANT MIX: You can fix most tenant mix issues through good planning. You can take into account the rents, leases, tenants, and vacancies coming up.  When you know all the variables, you can see when you will need to address and tenant change or vacancy coming up.  Set up a forward looking calendar of dates so you can watch these events and plan for them at least 12 months out.
  5. NEGOTIATING LEASES: When you understand lease structures and rental alternatives, you can negotiate leases more effectively with a new tenant. You can look at a tenant singularly as to how they suit the property, but you can also match that tenant into the property and the existing tenant mix.
  6. IMPROVING MARKET RENTAL: A market rental is a rent that is set through willing negotiation between the lessee and lessor in current market conditions. Financiers for a property asset like to see rents improving and strengthening.  Assuming that business conditions change throughout the year, market rents should be set through a process of planning and competitive analysis.  You don’t want to drive people from the property because of high market rents.

So you can use all of these special factors of our business as elements of professional service for the investors that you serve.  Specialise in every respect and the investors will see your professional skills as relevant to their property challenge.

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