Profitable Client Contact and Marketing in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, you will get lots of opportunities to work with property investors; that being said, you do need to understand their property requirements and longer term investment focus.  Empathy will be part of that process.

A good property investor will over time bring you many business opportunities.  That will be in sales, leasing, and property management.  Some investors will purchase multiple properties across the region or within different categories.  For this reason, take the time to understand your property investor clients and their requirements.

So exactly what to these investors require?  Here are some ideas to help:

  • Properties that have opportunity in capital gain or increased rental.
  • Leasing and tenant stability to support rental income and growth
  • Versatility across a portfolio of properties thereby minimising risk
  • Expansion and contraction strategies relating to property performance and location
  • Income and expenditure management
  • Tenancy mix optimisation
  • Lease management and optimisation

So there are many things that can be done here by a broker or an agent to improve the services provided to property investors.  Here are some tips to help you with working with these valuable clients:

  1. Review their existing portfolio to understand threats and strengths coming from the tenant mix and portfolio.  Pay particular attention to income, tenant retention, lease profiles, and vacancies.  Look to the future to see how you can improve things for your clients.
  2. Understand the pressures of the local area when it comes to supply and demand.  Consider the variations in vacancy factors across the property types.
  3. Every client will have some targets when it comes to property ownership and retention.  Some clients may hold a property for many years, whilst others will look for change relatively soon.  The services provided to your clients in each case will be different.
  4. Diversity in portfolio is sometimes a good thing as it will remove the volatility across one property segment (say industrial).  A larger property portfolio should be spread across different locations and property types.  Mix and match when it comes to office, industrial, and retail property to suit the client.
  5. A client may be looking for growth from rental and or capital gain.  To achieve either you will need to lower the vacancy rate and choose good tenants for property occupation.  Look to the future when it comes to putting a new tenant in a property.  Match the tenant to the client’s investment strategy.
  6. Understand the competing properties locally, new developments coming up, and market rentals.  They will all have an impact on property ownership and returns.

As a commercial agent or broker, you can do a lot with a small number of successful property investors.  Understand your clients fully as you work towards helping them.

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