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When it comes to your sales pitch and presentation strategy in commercial real estate there is a lot to cover.  It doesn’t matter if you are pitching for a sale, a lease, or a property management.  When the pressure is on you need to have all ‘your faculties’ pointing in the right direction in the right way.  So I have created something here to help you.

You have to capture the attention of the client, address and question the current property issues, and provide real solutions that are relative to today’s property market conditions.


Competitive Presentations are Common

Most of the presentations that you do will be competitive and you may only have a short time with the property owner to show them exactly what you can do and how your strategies are relevant.

I have put together this chart to help you and other commercial real estate agents as they consider the factors of marketing and promotion that will impact their listings.  You are welcome to the chart…. I hope it helps you.


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Key points of a sales pitch


listing pitch secrets.
The sales and listing pitch secrets that will help listing conversion in commercial property.

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5 replies on “Sales Pitch and Presentation Chart for Commercial Real Estate Agents”

Hi Nurit, I thank you so much for the feedback. I am glad I can help you with this. My Best to you, John Highman

John: Like all of the material you generously share this is very practical high level summary. Ron

Hi Ron and thanks for the feedback. I am glad I can be of help to you. Regards, John Highman.

Hi John,

Thank you very much for the Sales Pitch and Presentation Chart for Commerical Real Estate.

It is very informative. It will help a great deal. Thanks again for all your great information you have been sharing. Have a great weekend!


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