Sales Pitch Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate, the sales pitch and the presentational process that you adopt with clients should be improved and practiced as much as possible.  In this way you will minimize the impact of competing agents in your market.

It is no secret that the current property market has some pressures of excessive vacancy, and unsold properties.  This means that the client requires the best agent with the best strategy to take them forward.  Your presentational process should be designed to provide all of the right information to give the client the confidence that they need to make a decision.

Clients in this market don’t want to be an experiment in property marketing.  They want results.  They need to see that you have a unique way of helping them through the challenges of a property sale or lease.  The same can be said of property management when it comes to overall property performance.  So the strategy you provide and the recommendations given are really important.

Here are some ideas to help you improve your sales pitch in today’s property market.

  1. As a general rule, exclusive listings are the only way to comprehensively market a quality property today.  Open listings are a waste of time and are a process of luck more than anything else.  So every presentation that you make to a client regards a listing should be focused on the exclusive appointment process and the higher levels of service that comes with that.  Show the client how an exclusive listing works and why that process is more relevant to them in listing the property today.
  2. The formal presentation should be preceded by a comprehensive inspection of the property.  It is desirable that you do that with the client.  In that way you can identify the concerns and the challenges that the client currently has.  Identify three or four concerns currently for the client.  Those concerns can be specifically addressed in your formal proposal and listing sales pitch.  Making the right recommendations and providing the right solutions are part of the process.
  3. Check out all of the competing properties in the local area to ensure that you have the up to date market information available at your fingertips.  It is likely that the client will not understand the other factors of competing properties.  Most clients think that their property is more relevant and of high value when it comes to the local area.  Information can help you condition them to the prevailing market conditions.
  4. Define the target market for the property locally.  In most cases, you will find that the majority of enquiry will come from the local area.  The question will be as to how you tap into that enquiry and create the inspections.  Provide some solid strategies when it comes to target marketing.
  5. The levels of enquiry coming into your office from the alternatives and different ways of marketing will be relevant to the discussion.  Show the client how the best method of sale or lease will be matched to the correct method of marketing.  Given that there are so many other properties available on the market currently, it is essential that your marketing campaign stands out as unique and effective to create the right levels of enquiry.

To improve your sales pitch in commercial real estate today, you need to be real, confident, and relevant to the complete property and market situation.  Make every sales pitch and presentation a well-planned and optimized process.  Match your recommendations to the property and the client.  In this way you can improve your conversions.

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