Solutions That Work if You Are Struggling in Commercial Real Estate Agency

When you are struggling with commercial real estate agency, do not think that you are alone.  It happens to many agents as they progress through the industry.

The fact of the matter is that many of our peers and colleagues struggle from time to time.  That is the nature of the sales profession and commercial real estate.  Do not let the frustration break your commitment or focus.  Understand that you are really in control and you can do something to turn things around.  Time, action, and focus will fix just about anything.

When an agent tells me that times are tough, I then usually say ‘Sure, but have you had a serious look at what you are doing in marketing?’

Most of the difficulty in our profession is self-generated; you see we have the ability to change our focus when the industry is under change.  We have the ability to set new habits, and yet most agents still do the same things every day regardless of the market and the enquiry that is coming in.

So I go back to my point.  What are you doing in marketing?  It is an interesting question; here is what I mean:

  • Are you marketing yourself to new people every day?  Can you honestly say that you have spoken to 5 new people today that you have never spoken to before and that those people may do business with you one day?  This is a massive opportunity to be taken up.
  • Are you taking each listing personally into the market and talking to property owners, tenants, business owners, and property developers about the listing?  Every listing can lead to new information and new people.  Use all your listings as reasons to talk to other people.
  • Are you using the internet comprehensively to brand yourself and your skill as a local property expert?  When it comes to the internet every agent should be using tools such as Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Press Releases, Articles, and Facebook.  Personal branding is really important in what we do.
  • Are you asking your current clients for referrals to other people?  Every relationship that you have with a client has untapped potential that can be opened up.
  • Have you got a massive signboard presence in the local area that can show that you are the ‘go to agent’ as far as the property type and precinct goes?
  • Do you give out 10 business cards per day to people that you meet?
  • Are you prospecting and cold calling for 2 hours per day before you leave the office?

All of these things are quite basic.  The fact of the matter is that you can improve your personal marketing and in doing you will build your market share. When you do this you will find more listing and client opportunities.  Our industry is about relationships; make sure that you are building them.  Soon the property listing pressure that you are experiencing will go away.

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