Headsup on Commercial Real Estate Agent Checklists and Why You Need Them

In commercial real estate agency, each and every property we work with will be different.  It is sometimes hard to get to the key issues and the facts about the property and the client.  A checklist will help your processes and also give the listing process a high degree of professionalism.  It will help you convert the client into using your services.

The clients that we are working with usually choose the agent on the basis of ‘relevance to the property’ and ‘professionalism’. Everything that you say and do in that first client meeting will be of real importance to help you win the property listing.  It is recommended that you structure a series of checklists for your use with the different property types that you could work on locally.


Why Checklists?

I have used checklists for many years and still find them as a critical part of the client connection and property listing process.  Even though I have all the required experience to ask the right questions with the client, I find that the list will show the client a greater depth of complete control that a ‘generic’ commercial real estate agent could not give or provide.


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Top Agent Checklists for Today

I want to be seen as a ‘top agent’ and all my lists help with that.  In that short first meeting with the client to pitch and present my services, I want to be seen as the best commercial real estate agent and the right choice to take the property forward.

My checklists are split into groups just like these:

  • Commercial Real Estate Sales
  • Commercial Real Estate Listing
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Shopping Centre Leasing
  • Shopping Centre Sales
  • Shopping Centre Management
  • Retail Property Sales
  • Retail Property Leasing
  • Retail Property Management
  • Industrial Property Leasing
  • Industrial Property Sales
  • Industrial Property Management

Some of the lists may be similar, but they all drill down into the specifics of the property type and the situation of the listing.  The lists also help you get to the key issues that you will sometimes forget when you are acting from a general listing form without anything else.

It should be said that the most complex property type is the ‘Shopping Centre’ and in all cases, those forms are far greater in detail and complexity.  It is very easy to carry a group of these forms with you for use at any time.  You never really know when a client or prospect wants to ‘talk about doing the business’.

Most agents specialise and would not need all of these forms.  Most agents would also not have the experience to cross over into all property types in a professional way.  Behind all of this, you do need the experience to support your processes.

So what if you do not have the checklists to use now?  The simple answer is that you build your own.  Over time, all of your property meetings and listings will allow you to modify your lists and processes.  Consider your lists as part of the ‘tools of the trade’ that can take you to the top of your market.

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