A Schedule of Key Marketing Strategies to Use in Commercial Property

If you want a good market share and build some solid commissions as an agent then it’s time to look at your marketing and networking efforts with your listings. There are some ‘leverage points’ that you can use in your real estate business. It just needs some strategies. Your current listings are the foundation of […]


The Points of Difference that Matter in Commercial Real Estate Marketing

There are many things that you can do in commercial real estate marketing today to improve your market share and your client engagement strategies. in this video, you can learn how to build your points of difference when it comes to selling, leasing, and managing commercial property. The video will show you how to set […]


How to Optimize Your Commercial Real Estate Marketing Online

In taking your commercial property listing to the market, there are some advertising decisions to be made, and some marketing channels to be used. Some promotional ideas are better than others. In this video today, we take you into the online marketing alternatives to help you get better results from your property listings. Ultimately you […]


How to Comprehensively Market a Commercial Property on the Internet

When you have a commercial property to take to the market, there are a number of ways you can reach your target audience. Importantly, choices should be made with each property listing to get the message out and to connect with the people that you are reaching out to. There are some differences in the […]


Why You Should Pull Apart Your Commercial Property Market and How to Do It

You should regularly pull apart your commercial and retail property market to find the advantages and changes that lead to sales and leasing listings.  There are always things happening, and your focus on that will help you build a ‘results record and pipeline of new business’. Commercial real estate brokerage is a personal system; you […]

Introduction to Marketing Essentials in Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

In most towns or cities there are plenty of commercial properties on the market for sale or lease.  On that basis, the promotional process of any exclusive listing must be planned and structured.  More effort must go into the marketing process.  In saying that, there are some key principles to follow and optimize.   When […]

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