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How to Look at all Marketing Alternatives in Commercial Property Sales

When you have a commercial property to sell, the promotional and marketing process is quite important. 

A lot depends on if  you can convert some vendor paid promotional funds as part of the listing, and then how those funds are to be applied. 

When you have some money to apply to the promotion of the property, then dig in to the target market with some specific strategies where you can connect with the right business owners or investors.

Don’t List and Forget

Too many agents today just list a property on the internet and then let things happen.  Whilst I can understand the process with any ‘open’ listing, the generic approach should not apply with any ‘exclusive’ listing.

If the client has trusted you with the property as part of a controlled listing, then get deeply involved in making things happen in promotion; reach out to the target market. 

Set the campaign timing, the promotional schedule of advertising, and create some promotional copy that is well considered for the asset and its features.

Check out these ideas on marketing commercial property today.

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