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Agent Consistency Creates Listings

In commercial real estate brokerage, the essential advantage that will always work positively for agents is that of acting consistently on the things that matter.  Progress is created from a deliberate choice, and luck has nothing to do with finding listings or creating transactions. Persistence is a good thing in commercial real estate brokerage.  You […]


The Number One Habit of Productive Real Estate Agents

You can do a lot of things in commercial real estate each day. The question is, ‘Are you doing the right things?’ Every day can be shaped and optimised if you take a deliberate approach to certain things. What is the most productive? In a few words, the ‘productive’ aspect of commercial real estate is […]

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Build Your Real Estate Business on This Track and Measure Masterpiece

In commercial real estate today, most agents know that this will be a very active year with all types of business opportunities evolving. The services of top agents with professional sales and leasing skills will be in demand. If you want to tap into the new property cycle and all the events around that, try […]


Solutions for a Better Commercial Real Estate Business

Commercial Real Estate brokerage can be daunting due to the array of activities that happen every day. Don’t be overwhelmed. Take the industry and the opportunities to the next level by controlling your focus and your activities. In this podcast, you can learn about brokerage focus on important things. The things that can help you […]

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Checklist for Brokerage Results

Commercial real estate brokerage today can be quite lucrative in many different ways for brokers and agents around the World.  The property market is under change again and is seen as a good alternative to the somewhat volatile stock market. So that change is good thing. Investors like to consider the ‘stability’ of land and […]


Key Performance Ideas in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage there are a few things that you should watch and track in team performance, particularly if you are running a team of people or if you are tracking your own results.  By watching the indicators, you get an idea of what is happening around you with listings, prices, rents, and […]

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