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In commercial real estate brokerage, the essential advantage that will always work positively for agents is that of acting consistently on the things that matter. 

Progress is created from a deliberate choice, and luck has nothing to do with finding listings or creating transactions. Persistence is a good thing in commercial real estate brokerage. 

You always have options in what you can do each day, and your activities each day can be shaped and optimized with consistency. What do all the best agents of the property market do to find new business?  Their business is driven from a base of reliability.

What makes them stand out as the agents with the results? They have a specific mindset and from that, they take a series of consistent steps to get somewhere in brokerage. 

Continuity of Brokerage Action

Each day, the top agents of the property market take steps forward, and they know what they must do.  They have made confident choices with selected actions to take each day and move down that activity path. 

Each day, specific actions taken consistently by agents will produce small but positive leads and opportunities.

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Steadfast Agent Focus

Are you ready for growth in your real estate business?  It is time to think about the essential things in your real estate day and how you are moving forward with them.  Put some consistency in these ideas and actions:

  1. Researching ownership records will always be helpful.  Pick streets and buildings as part of your research activities.  It takes time to find property owners’ names, and a few different research strategies may be required as part of that, so stay organized in the process.
  2. Making calls to new local people is a good idea.  Property needs change for investors and business owners.  Being there as a professional agent at the right time is something to work with as a contact strategy.  Constant contact over a period will help people know who you are and what you can do to help them.  The next question to then think about is how you will build some real estate relevancy with the people that could be your clients in the future.
  3. Contacting people in your existing lists should always be ongoing.  The easiest way to do that is via the telephone.  Some real estate conversations can be escalated to meetings if required, however, protect your time, and don’t create appointments unless you know there is a genuine need or reason for that.
  4. Using your listings as reasons to talk to people is a good way of growing conversations locally.  It is also a proven way of consolidating your territory control.  Listings are reasons to speak with people, be they business owners or tenants in a building.  

From these four points, you can see how consistency works for agents in creating more market share.

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So, there are some things here that you can do.  First, focus on lifting your consistency with conversations and connections locally.  Secondly, make the calls and track your progress with that.

The people in your allocated territory are the people that will need your help with property one day, and you want them to remember you for that.

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