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Commercial real estate brokerage today can be quite lucrative in many different ways for brokers and agents around the World.  The property market is under change again and is seen as a good alternative to the somewhat volatile stock market. So that change is good thing.

Investors like to consider the ‘stability’ of land and buildings in securing their investments for the longer term. So that is where you really should have a checklist approach to working in brokerage.

Taking Agent Action

Where do you start? Understand your local property market, the buildings, your client base, and the changes that you can see when it comes to future supply and demand within the various property types.  Observe what is happening and engage with people. Put people at the centre of everything that you do.

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To grow your client and listing base opportunities, see the property market for what it is and where it is headed.  Understand how you can and should take action when it comes to your business, your brokerage, and your property market.

The Commercial Real Estate Podcast

In today’s podcast, we focus on the ‘brokerage systems’ that are important in so many ways. If you are wanting to get more ‘traction’ locally with buildings and property owners, then this podcast will help.

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