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Top Rated Solutions for Prospect Pipeline Growth

Learn how to set up and create a pipeline of commercial real estate prospects and clients. Use the change and churn in this property market to grow your real estate business faster. In simple terms, the pipeline approach to your real estate market can really work. Note: If you want to get our agent resources […]


The Two Things That Change Your Real Estate Business Forever

In commercial real estate brokerage, you must set a ‘strike zone’ in your territory so you know where you are focusing your efforts as an agent, and why that is the case.  Strategies evolve from that. Systems also evolve from that.  An agent without a strike zone and a system that they work to, is […]


How to Dominate Your Commercial Real Estate Market

Taking control of the property market for your brokerage activities is essential. Indeed, there will be other agents to compete with, but you can always take steps to position yourself as a top agent in the location. Personal marketing is part of that process. In any business and investment economy, some people want to purchase […]

How to Take the Headache Out of Cold Calling

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are plenty of people to connect with each day.  Those connections create new business, leads, and commissions.  How do you get things going?  Systems of contact are required to get some prospecting momentum in the industry. The telephone and cold calling should be a good part of that system […]

Gatekeepers Challenge Tenacity in Commercial Real Estate

Like it or not, the ‘gatekeepers’ of business exist for a reason, and in part, that is to stop random people getting through to the ‘top person’ or manager of a business.  So, that is the rule, and it is to be respected as part of your communications and prospecting processes.  Know the rules and […]

How to Best Use Your Time in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Sales

It is all too easy to waste time in commercial real estate brokerage.  There are so many things happening each day that threaten the focus of even the most diligent of agents.  Loss of focus leads to a loss of client contact, market share, and commissions.  I guess you know the importance of these things?  […]

The Cold Hard Facts of Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

When you work in commercial real estate brokerage the prospecting process will be critical to the results at you achieve in sales, leasing, or property management. Cold calling will be part of that business strategy and results process. It should be the central part of how you reach out to new people locally and efficiently.  […]

5 Rules to Successful Cold Calling in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are many ways to grow market share in commercial real estate brokerage today. As an agent or broker, you should select a few different methods of marketing and prospecting to run in parallel the same time. Consistency, professionalism, and persistence will help your prospecting model improve over time; it is a personal process that […]


Automated Cold Calling Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

In commercial real estate today, the prospecting process that you adopt will help you dominate your territory and convert more listings.  Part of that prospecting process should include cold calling.  NB – you can get plenty of prospecting ideas for commercial real estate right here. Many commercial agents and salespeople struggle with the cold calling […]

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