Shopping Centre Marketing Made Easy

When you have a shopping centre to lease and manage, the marketing of the property, the tenancy mix, and the attraction of the tenants is something to be worked on consistently. Looking to improve your retail property? That is where a promotional timeline is valuable in the management and leasing of the shopping centre or […]

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Improving Shopping Center Performance by Retail Tenant Mix Repackaging

Some retail shopping centers need refreshing and repackaging from time to time. That strategy and approach help when it comes to sustaining customer interest and attracting ongoing retail sales. The approach to shopping center repackaging can be merged into the retail business plan strategy for the property over time. It is worth remembering that a […]

Getting to the Bottom Line of Shopping Center Performance

The management of a retail shopping center is quite special given that there are many things to monitor and address. Each day there will be issues with tenants, customers, and contractors. There will be financial and physical matters to control and optimize. So a good reporting system will help you stay on top of the […]

Leasing Property Management Shopping Centre Leasing Shopping Centre Management Shopping Centres

Shopping Center Managers – How to Resolve Your Action Planning in Shop Leasing and Tenant Mix Planning

You need an action plan in shopping center leasing if you are going to resolve a number of issues relating to property performance.  Retail is very unique in property planning, marketing, tenant mix, and customer interaction.  Leasing covers all of those issues. Over time you can improve the action plan to suit the performance targets […]

The Keys to Understanding a Retail Shopping Center and its Performance

In the shopping centre industry you have to know where most of your customers come from and why they visit your property.  When you clearly define those facts you have something to work with when it comes to property marketing and tenant selection.   That can then improve your tenant mix over time and ultimately help […]

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