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Negotiation Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Negotiating happens in just about every part of the real estate business. Sometimes the process is easy, and other times it is complex and challenging. You can build strategies to help. As agents and brokers, having a comprehensive skill set around negotiation is a good idea. Think about practicing skills around that. Property market conditions […]

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The Ultimate Negotiation Blueprint

In commercial real estate today, the frequency of undertaking a negotiation on a property matter is high, and the number of issues to understand as part of that are many. In addition, the property market is changing, and plenty of investors are looking for new places to spend money. As an agent, are you aligned to […]


Basic Negotiation Priorities for Listings Today

In commercial real estate, a good negotiator is one who has a thorough understanding of all of the property and market factors. In today’s video, we share some priorities to think about with real estate negotiations and particularly with listings. This is a changing and growing real estate market in many locations and that will […]

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The Golden Rules to Closing a Sale or Lease Faster

Negotiating a commercial or retail property sale or lease is a balance of many things. It is all about strategy and timing. Add to that the elements or challenges of the client and the property, and you have a few things to work through. Change is a good thing to work with in commercial real […]


Sales Negotiation Examples in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are plenty of situations and pressures that can arise when negotiating sales. On that basis, you need to do your homework before you get to the final points of agreement, disagreement, or the negotiation itself. The parties to the transaction will have their ideas and perceptions of the property, […]


Objections are a Negotiation Opportunity in Brokerage

In commercial property sales and leasing, the objections that you will receive from your prospective clients are many and frequent, and they are usually all unique based on market pressures and trends.  The buyers and the tenants that you attract and work with as part of closing a transaction will all have individual targets, concerns, […]

Negotiation Facts – A Checklist for Brokers and Agents

When you are preparing for a commercial real estate negotiation, there are things to consider and decisions to be made. You want the deal, listing, or meeting to go well, and you do need to think about all negotiation issues. This checklist is in PDF so you can save it to your computer, tablet, or […]

Simple Steps to Solving Your Negotiation Problems in Commercial Real Estate

There are all types of negotiation pressures that we move through every day.  Commercial real estate brokerage is full of decisions and discussions.  Many people have fixed views on desired outcomes when it comes to property.  It directly follows that we all should be refining and practising our negotiation skills on a regular basis. Why […]


How to Handle Client Resistance and Push-back in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, you will almost always get a degree of client resistance when it comes to closing on a typical transaction in sales or leasing.  Most clients need to think about the facts of the deal, and consider the impact of full offering or the transaction.  Align your thinking to the clients […]

Distinctive Negotiation Strategies that Really Work in Commercial Real Estate

The process of negotiation in commercial real estate brokerage is both traditional and predictable. You can learn from other listings, clients, and brokers when it comes to the negotiation process. It should be said that you can never really know everything when it comes to a property transaction and what the client may be thinking. […]

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