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The Essential Checklist for Commercial and Retail Property Managers

Every managed property, be it office, industrial, or retail has things to investigate and monitor. To a degree, the list is never-ending given the complexity of property operations and the broad variety of occupancy issues. So property managers have to be aware, alert, and proactive in what they are seeing and questioning. Every property is […]

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Commercial Property Inspection Tips and Tricks

When you are inspecting a commercial property there are plenty of things to look into, detail, and question. The whole thing can get a bit overwhelming. In saying that, the organized approach to inspecting a property will always help you find the ideas and the opportunities to work with. Note: If you want more commercial […]

Headsup on Commercial Real Estate Agent Checklists and Why You Need Them

In commercial real estate agency, each and every property we work with will be different.  It is sometimes hard to get to the key issues and the facts about the property and the client.  A checklist will help your processes and also give the listing process a high degree of professionalism.  It will help you […]

Commercial Property Agents – Checklists for Office Property Inspections

When it comes to selling or leasing a commercial property today, the improvements in that property will have a major impact on both buyer and tenant interest.  A modern building that is well maintained will therefore have advantages over older buildings when it comes to attracting interest from prospects.  Here are some tips from our […]


Commercial Property Agents – Inspecting Properties the Right Way

As a commercial real estate agent, you have a requirement to inspect commercial properties regularly.  The same process also applies to retail properties although in that case, the information in the inspection process is far more complex and detailed.  For this very reason, it pays for you to create some checklists to use in the […]

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