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Navigating and Setting the Future of Commercial Property Management

Most commercial and retail property managers are extremely busy on most working days. Why is that? They must deal with many things across lease occupancy, tenancy mix, maintenance, and risk management daily across many buildings. Despite the pressure, they must meet the needs of tenants, landlords, and authorities. Errors can be made if controls and […]

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How to Reach Out and Grow Your Commercial Property Management Portfolio

The property management side of our real estate business offers a lot of opportunity in ongoing services and commissions. It is a matter of understanding your client base, your town or city, and the property management needs therein. Offer leasing, sales, and investment improvement services to your property management clients and prospects. In this podcast, […]

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The Real Benefits of a Tenant Retention Plan in Commercial and Retail Property Management

A tenant retention program in commercial and retail property management is a valuable leasing and asset management service.  From such a program, you can drive more leasing fees, and keep a client relatively happy with their investment opportunities and property performance over time. The retention strategy ensures that all preferred tenants in occupancy are encouraged […]

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Commercial Property Managers – 15 Ways to Establish New Property Controls and Systems

If you are to take on a new property under management, you really do need to assess current issues quickly.  Look for the challenges in the asset and understand the landlord pressures and targets.  Ask plenty of questions. Every property is unique and different.  You cannot take anything for granted.  A successfully managed property is […]

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8 Ways to Improve Investment Property Performance When Leasing Vacant Premises

I get really annoyed when I see a leasing person marketing, negotiating and closing on a property lease with little regard to broader lease strategies that could improve the greater property performance.   Top agents don’t do that! Far too many leasing agents just negotiate a lease deal on a ‘singular’ basis; that is one tenant, […]

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How to Establish a Clear Market Position in Commercial Property Management

Commercial property management is quite different when compared to leasing and sales although the clients are similar.  In property management you are working with the client for the long haul.  Issues and strategies can take months if not years to bring to finality. The property management division of your business can serve a client for […]

How to Investigate Shopping Centers for Real Brokerage Opportunity

When you manage or lease a retail shopping centre you really do need to understand the prevailing market conditions, the property, and the level of competition around you.  That means a regular and full review of tenancy activity, shopping centre demand, and future retail projects.  Retail properties are impacted by some quite different key performance […]

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Commercial Real Estate Property Managers – Why Owner Managed Properties are Risky Business

In commercial real estate property management today, you will frequently come across owner ‘self-managed’ assets.  Many of the smaller scale landlords in that category do not have the expertise and the experience to manage their asset effectively and directly, and yet they struggle on.  Invariably they cut corners and make decisions based around ‘savings’ rather […]

A Basic Guide to Shopping Center Operations and Management

When you manage and lease shopping centers, the inspection process is a regular daily event.  Given the number of tenants and customers moving through a property on an average trading day, there are lots if issues to monitor including risk and liability. Most shopping centers will have a ‘Maintenance Manager’ and perhaps a small team […]

Shopping Center Management Facts and Opportunties

The management of a shopping center is a special process.  It requires a lot of planning and ongoing control by the managing agent.  That is why shopping center managers and leasing specialists charge a reasonable management fee.  The process of retail property control and optimisation takes experience and commitment. When I hear that a shopping […]

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