How to Formulate a Strategy for a Career Investment Sales

You can work in commercial real estate ‘generally’, or you can work in the unique parts of the industry that offer opportunities.  Investment sales are the ‘opportunity zones’ for new business in your town or city; investigate that as a channel of real estate connection and service.  Where do you start with this? You, as […]


Checklist for Building a Career in Commercial Real Estate Sales

To give momentum to your career in commercial real estate sales, certain things have to be done regularly and comprehensively. These are the things that require deliberate effort. Do you have what it takes to build some ‘sales habits’? In today’s podcast, we share some ideas about sales as a career and how you can […]

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How to be Ahead of the Pack in Sales

What is the ‘latest and greatest thing’ in commercial real estate sales? The answer is technology. You can use technology in so many different ways to help your engagement with your clients. Consider how you use the technology tools of: Listing portals Photographs of properties Cloud storage Email marketing Autoresponders SMS Mobile phone use and […]

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How to Expand Your Career and Business Potential in Commercial Real Estate

Where are the opportunities in commercial real estate in your town or city?  There are lots of listings to identify, and clients to work with; in every town or city, that is the case.  That is why the systemized approach to an agent focus and brokerage activities will always be a priority.  The top agents […]

The Moment of Truth in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, lots of things matter, but some more than others. There is a ‘moment of truth’ that many people come across eventually. In this article, you can see if you have reached that turning-point, and determine what you can do about it. You could say it is all about ‘business generation’. […]


How to Re-engineer Your Commercial Real Estate Career for Results

You can re-engineer your commercial real estate career at any time to improve opportunities with clients and listings. In this podcast today, we share some specific and proven strategies relating to sales and leasing activity in brokerage. You can use these strategies to tap into the better quality buildings in your location and the clients […]

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