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How to Solve Tenant Mix Problems in Shopping Centres

When you are leasing a shopping centre and solving vacancy problems, the tenant mix should be optimized with the right tenants in the right locations. It is not just about finding one tenant for one location. It is about taking a ‘global perspective’ for the property and the ultimate retail targets that you are trying […]

Shopping Centre Management Videos

How to Review a Shopping Centre Tenant Mix to Solve Vacancies

In retail shopping centres today, there are quite a few vacancies to handle given the changes in the property market. In saying that, there are some business types that are in real demand when it comes to consumer interest and retail property leasing. All of these vacancies are a good thing because it allows investors […]


Rethink and Diversify Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage This Way

In commercial real estate brokerage, the diversity and quality of service offered really does matter.  The business owners and property investors that we serve have unique needs and a professional brokerage or agent should serve those needs.  If that is not done, those clients will require another service provided to help, and that is where […]

Property Management

How to Design a Successful Tenant Mix Analysis

In any retail property today, the tenant mix will largely impact the property performance and the income base.  If you neglect the tenant mix or occupancy issues, the rental and the vacancy factors in a property will quite likely change for the worse. It is a known fact that a retail property is much more […]

Tenant Mix Analysis is a Recipe for Success

In commercial and retail property today, the tenant mix analysis process is a recipe for success in property performance.  It allows you to improve occupancy and income.  From a landlords perspective that is a good thing. The mix analysis should be done by the property owner and or the property manager each year and the […]


How to Do a Tenant Mix Analysis in Investment Property

In a shopping centre today the tenant mix is really important to the attraction of customers to the property.  The larger the property, the greater the challenge when it comes to placing tenants in the right locations and vacancies. In considering a tenant mix strategy, it should be said that many large and or modern […]

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