The Benefits to Agents of Routines in Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, you will regularly feel the pressures of marketing, negotiating, prospecting, and transactions—those pressures, when uncontrolled, can take you away from all your good business intentions and plans.  So, what can you do with that?  How can you stay under control in brokerage? First, of course, having a plan in real […]


Easy Time Management Solutions for Agents

In the commercial real estate industry, time is the most valuable resource you have at your disposal. Consider how you can improve your schedule. Make good use of the clock and every working hour, and as part of that, strive to improve your processes daily. Every agent has the opportunity to improve actions and activities […]


A Highly Effective Day Plan for Agents Today

There are plenty of pressures on Agents each day to do things with listings, clients, and opportunities. How you optimize your time and your activities becomes critical to progress. Through the challenges, there are facts to investigate, people to talk to, and transactions to advance. Want Real Estate Agent Resources? Get the Day Plan Report […]

Property Management Shopping Centre Management

Wise Time Management Techniques in Shopping Centre Management

In shopping centre management and leasing, you have perhaps the most intense type of job with plenty of things going on every day.  Time management and focus is important. Here are some methods of control to keep your business day organised in retail shopping centre management. What is the issue here? There are plenty of […]

Career Team

The Keys to Staying Motivated as an Agent Today

In commercial real estate, most agents suffer degrees of distraction and confusion at some point in their real estate career.  Usually, it is in the first year or so that this happens, and then it can and will usually reoccur at later times each year.  Stay on top of the issue and do not let […]

Brokerage Podcast

The Keys to Staying Motivated in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Your time is your most valuable resource in commercial real estate today. There are always plenty of things to do each day with that. Somewhere through all of that confusion and pressure, your time focus has to take you through with consistency and progress. Progress is an important word here because every day there should […]

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