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The Keys to Staying Motivated in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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Your time is your most valuable resource in commercial real estate today. There are always plenty of things to do each day with that. Somewhere through all of that confusion and pressure, your time focus has to take you through with consistency and progress.

Progress is an important word here because every day there should be some progress for brokers and agents each day with what they are doing. Progress involves tracking numbers and improving them. Good agents always track the numbers that relate to the things they are doing and moving into when it comes to market share and prospecting activity.

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Keep your focus in brokerage

Today in this podcast we share ideas about the importance of time and how to use that for your motivation. A simple system of real estate time management to use, but so important. Give these ideas a try on your real estate business and in the working day.

The features of the podcast today are:

  1. Why an organised approach is so important in brokerage
  2. How to keep your records of leads and conversations so you actually do something about them
  3. The importance of having regular meetings with the people that matter in real estate locally
  4. How to trace, investigate, and record the market intelligence and why that is so important
  5. Why you should be accountable for your actions in an ongoing way and what that can do for you.

Each day you can make choices in your time use. Have a listen to the podcast right here about using your time effectively in commercial real estate brokerage this year.

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