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The Action Idea That Can Create More Commercial Listings

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Agents are always looking for new listings to sell or lease; its part of the business and the working week. As part of that, every agent should have a strategy that they can stick to and refine over time. In today’s podcast, we share a basic and yet effective idea that can create lots of listings over time. Sure there is a bit of research required here, but not too much. If the growth of market share is something that appeals to you, then have a listen to the podcast with a notebook and a cup of coffee. Its time for ideas in brokerage.

I like to keep things simple and direct when it comes to finding new clients and property listings. You can always do the standard things like cold calling, creating lists, and dropping in business cards. This other idea in the podcast is a special way of creating more focus with the people you are approaching. Give the idea a try and see how it works for you.

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