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The Facts that Make the Difference in Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing Brokerage

Some simple things make all the difference in commercial real estate brokerage.  If you are struggling with new business and or listings, then read on.


Set some targets with your results achieved.  Most agents and brokers can’t or don’t get these basic things under control; that is then a large opportunity for others in the industry that do.


So, what are these simple things that matter?  They are the things that engage you with your properties, the market, and the people.  Here they are:


  • Researching of the local area and buildings comprehensively
  • Connecting with new property people every day through meetings and calls
  • Taking consistent marketing action to a plan of business growth


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The Brokerage Results and Effort Equation


You may say, ‘Why is it hard for people to do these things?’   They take deliberate effort and constant focus.  They take organization, and that is where a lot of agents struggle or fall short in performance.


These strategies are effective and valuable if you are looking to grow your real estate business.  Merge these concepts into your real estate business activities.  Start each day with a research plan and a ‘connecting’ system that puts you in front of people.  That is then a business day that looks like this:


  1. Walking through the streets of your territory making a note of active businesses and visible property changes.
  2. Making a list of property owners for the location and then contacting all people in the list.
  3. Dropping business cards into a location through organized door knocking and canvassing.


This logical process of reaching out to new people and researching the local area will help you find listings before others do.  Ask questions, talk to people, and visually survey all the buildings and streets in your location regularly.  Seize the property opportunities that await.

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