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A Powerful Formula for Cold Calling in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Cold calling in commercial real estate brokerage is a real skill and also is a critical factor of new business growth.  The agents that make the telephone calls consistently over time, are generally the agents that create the results; that fact is as real today as it has been over the last 25 years. The telephone can be your friend in business and particularly so in commercial real estate brokerage.

Top agents know more people in a regular and ongoing way. You can do the same.


When you know the property people in your location, and add to that their thoughts regards commercial property activity, you can match people to properties, and find opportunities. That is how commercial real estate works.

If you are looking to improve your real estate business over time, merge the cold calling process into your prospecting model on a daily basis. Talk to more people, and provide locally important information regards rents, prices, and property supply.

In this special report by John Highman, the important rules of cold calling are discussed and set. You can learn the advantages of this special skill and improve your real estate listings and commission opportunities accordingly.

You can get the special report on cold call prospecting below.

real estate person holding a telephone
Report for commercial real estate brokers on cold calling systems and skills.


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