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Take Control of Your Commercial Real Estate Leasing Future Today

There are so many things that you can do in commercial real estate leasing today. In your town or city there will be plenty of services and solutions that you can provide to both landlords and tenants.  (NB – you can get our free commercial real estate leasing training right here)

So what can you do?  You can concentrate in both segments of the market so that you are the specialist for the location.

In this special report, John Highman talks about the leasing systems that really matter when it comes to attracting the interest of tenants and landlords. Collate the information that property people really require for the location from a leasing perspective. Make sure that your information is comprehensively covering the property type and the location.

So what information can you provide in a professional and relevant way? Think about the issues that apply locally to rentals, locations, building types, services and amenities, lease documentation, and property occupancy.

So what can you do here? Try some of these things:

  • You can display your information graphically, statistically, and use pictures from buildings in your location.
  • Make your information interesting in all respects.
  • Stay ahead of the market when it comes to tracking information and trends.

You can get the special report here as a PDF download.

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Understand the standards and systems that matter in commercial real estate leasing.



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