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Classify and Sell the Commercial Property Benefits to Clients

When you look at any commercial property there will be factors of advantage and benefit for every client.  The clearer that you can make those facts to the client, the easier it is to attract singular interest and create more property inspections.  Drill down on the right facts to get the client discussions and concepts underway. (NB – you can get plenty of client tips in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage in Snapshot right here – its free)

Most property clients will have differing priorities when it comes to the selling and buying of commercial investments.  Identifying the factors of priority will help you find the next sale or lease deal and business opportunity.  The best agents are always on the lookout for the next specific opportunity for their clients.   Mix and match is a good concept when it comes to helping property clients.

Classify VIP Clients and Property Needs

Classify the property for each client; help them see where they can improve results through the right property choice and the best timing.  Imagine the solutions that are available, and help your clients see what you are saying and recommending.  Real facts about the property and the trends of the local market will help you achieve that level of engagement.  Provide some stories and facts about recent property activity that have relevance to the client today.

Here are some of the most important factors that I like to mix and match with property VIP clients:

  1. Location – Many clients prefer particular locations given that they can understand the market and centralise their portfolios. Help your clients understand the results and strategies in the location.  Tell them how opportunities are created and show them the results of recent transactions.
  2. Type of property – There are significant differences between the property types when it comes to investment and occupation. Some agents prefer to specialise in a particular property type.  That can be a good idea providing there is enough stock and churn in the market within that category of property.  You can significantly drill down into the facts of the market when it comes to office, industrial, and retail property.
  3. Rental stability or growth – There will be different categories of property within each property type. That is certainly the case when it comes to leasing and occupation.  A good case in point would be the commercial CBD leasing market.  Generally, the categories of leasing will in most towns or cities, be determined as Prime space, A class, B class, and C class properties.  Most of the high-quality leasing activity will occur in the categories of Prime space, and A class.  All of the good fees will come from those property classifications. It directly follows that you should focus your leasing efforts in those segments.
  4. Tenant Mix Optimisation – Understand the differences in tenant mix and why opportunities may exist for some clients in shifting and changing speciality tenants and anchor tenants. The stability of a property investment will largely come from the tenant mix.

These four simple factors are some of the most important trends to mix and match when it comes to servicing your commercial real estate clients today.  Understanding each VIP client given these particular categories and opportunities.

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