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When you tell a salesperson in commercial real estate to start making more cold calls locally to grow his or her business, he or she usually embarks on something that they have not done before or at best have little training on.

It is a new competence and a new process for most agents.  That is where and why most agents stall on the process.  They do not put in the hours and the practice.

Making cold calls is a bit like golf; you must do it frequently to become good at it.  Practice can quickly track many problems and remove obstacles when it comes to making more cold calls in a local area and with property prospects. 

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Who Are You Calling?

So, lets clarify things a bit more to help you.  Who are you going to call? What will you say?  Why should people listen to you?  Try business owners and property investors to start with.  Can you practice your calls, and should you do that?  Of course, you can and should.

Regular practice and call processes are required for effective cold calls in real estate today. Simply put, the more you practise the easier it gets. The more you make your calls the easier it becomes. 

Put in the prospecting practice time and the results will come back to you.  That is what top agents do all the time; they put in the hours.

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Practice Makes Perfect

To make this work, recognise that you too must create a daily practice process of calling new people outbound. It should not be “random” or something you put off. Your diary must be used as a personal procedure to make outbound calls in a regular way; that is a business discipline.

Cold calls made at a highly efficient level, typically will be achieved by only around 10% of every hundred agents. These people are the ones who can significantly grow their real estate opportunities in market share.  So you have some choices.

Are you ready to put yourself into that group? Check out the podcast here for details to help you make more calls.

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