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Commercial Real Estate Agent Time Management Tips for Top Agents

In a commercial real estate agency, time management is a critical process that will help or hinder your progress through the business day and week.  In many respects, some agents just get tied up with things that really do not matter in the scheme of things.

To be effective we should be doing more of the right things, and not the things that everyone else wants us to do.  Who exactly is in charge of your real estate career anyway?

The reality of the commercial real estate industry is that you are responsible for creating listings and bringing in the commissions.  Too much focus on wrong things and you will not be creating the income that you need.


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Time and Task Focus in Brokerage

Here are some guidelines to help you with managing your time as a commercial real estate agent.

  1. Prepare your day the night before.  From the moment you start your day, the progress that you make should be on the right things that are important to where you are headed as a professional salesperson.
  2. The first thing that you should do every day should be prospecting.  When you do this, the market and the opportunities start to come towards you.  Devote 2 hours a day to prospecting.  Some of that can be on cold calling whilst the balance can be on meeting business people and property owners.  Do not waiver from this prospecting commitment.
  3. Your clients will want some of your time every day, but push that requirement or demand to the end of the day so you do not upset your focus on prospecting for stock and marketing of your listings.

When the property market gets slow or is under any pressure the most important thing you can do is keep your business day under control and focused.  Results in our industry only come from systemised action.  We are personally in charge of our diary and business day; take charge of those things and make them work for you.  Results will then happen.

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