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Time Management and Focus Rules in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Don’t complicate your real estate day.  Plan it and control it; you are the person in charge.  The degree to which you control the business day will largely impact your results.  Given that you work on some form of commission and or a reward based remuneration, your working hours each day and how you spend them will be important if not critical to the outcomes achieved.  (NB – you can get plenty of brokerage ideas in our free course right here)


Blank Slate Clearance


The idea here is that you start the day with a ‘blank slate’, and that you then focus at least half of the day on the things that are critical to your business and market share.  The whole concept sounds logical, but most agents ‘stumble’ into and through the working day without a plan or control process.


Random actions breed poor results; that’s a bad thing.


So, what can you do here?  Look at your diary and consider what things happened to you in your business yesterday, be they good or bad.  Do a serious assessment of both results and effectiveness; if you are like most people, the results of yesterday will be ‘average’ at best.  Look at the strengths and weaknesses of the day.


Improvements Can Be Made


Think about these questions from yesterday:

  • What were the most important things in your day? Did you get those things done?
  • Who diverted your day and or time and for what reason? Was that diversion valuable?
  • Did you find more clients and or close on some transactions? How much time was wasted?
  • Importantly, did you convert some more leads and new business?
  • What can you do today that will bring better results than yesterday?


Deeply Consider Your Day and Time


In our real estate industry, the time that we have is the most important resource.  If you waste your time, you will impact your income in a negative way.  On the other hand, if you control your time, you will start to achieve results.


The formula is easy to remember, and yet hard to achieve if you let other people dictate what you are to do and when you are to do it.  Strict rules are required at a personal level to build better business results.


We commonly let too many people into our business day (the ‘boss’, our peers and colleagues, unqualified prospects and clients, and friends), and all of that interference can result in only one thing; wasted time.  Simplify the day and the people that you are connecting with; make sure they are the right people to help you build your results and income.


If you are not clear about the people that are in your business, client list, database, and your team, things get confused and derailed.


Some people are more important than others; remember that fact and build it into your work day.  Choose your people and focus your efforts.


Here are some planning tips for improving your real estate day and planner:


  1. People to contact – choose the right people and remove others.
  2. Meetings to create – some meetings are valuable; others not so.
  3. Follow-Ups to complete – deals and relationships should be followed up.
  4. Advertising to refresh – review your listing and promotional activities.
  5. Listings to reactivate – re-position your exclusive listings for more inquiry.
  6. Inspections to undertake or follow up – get involved with your inspection results.
  7. Deal and client momentum – stay close to your exclusive clients
  8. Market and territory coverage – check out your market, the streets, the buildings, and the clients regularly. The best way to do that is by getting out into the area and observing things.


Simple rules like these help you build more momentum into your real estate day and diary. 


Do the things that really matter to your business, and remove the distractions.  Control your time with passion and commitment.

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