Commercial Real Estate Agents – Choose Your Friends and Influence Your Market

We all dislike negative people that drag themselves and you down.  Isn’t that right?  In commercial real estate agency, your negative work colleagues can also influence your thinking.  You should choose who you relate to and socialise with.  Don’t let the ‘stinking thinking’ of others in the market stifle your efforts.

In most cases the negative people that can be around you are struggling with their personal performance issues and commission or listing results.  They are looking for excuses for their inadequacies so they blame everything from the market to the ‘phases of the moon’ for the poor results that they are getting.

Commercial Real Estate Agent Focus

To be really good in this industry you must be positive and focused on positive action.  The clients that we work with want agents that are confident that they can do the job well.  We provide all the results and leverage in this business.

When someone tells me that things are ‘tough’ in commercial real estate agency, I usually say, ‘Right, but tell me about your personal marketing plan’.  In most cases the agents that are struggling have a terrible approach to marketing themselves; they just don’t do it.  They then answer my question with some ‘excuse’ for lack of listings or enquiry.

Understand this one thing; underline it if you feel it’s appropriate.

‘You create your market; the market does not create you!’

Take this comment on board and do something with it.  Your commercial real estate agent plan for this year has to involve personal marketing first and foremost.  Just how are you going to tell the world that you are ‘a top agent of incredible skill and relevance?’

It’s a good question and perhaps a very important question as we move into a new selling and leasing year.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Get to know your market comprehensively across sales, leasing, and new developments.  When you know the figures, you can put yourself into the results and trends.
  2. Get good associations with other top agents.  Conjunction listings and deals are quite acceptable.
  3. Move away from clients and prospects that are wasting your time.  Make it harder for them to reach you; make them tell you why you should help them.  If they want your services as agent, charge them a top commission and get good marketing funds.
  4. List everything in a controlled way.  Exclusive listings will help you dominate the market.  Open listings are a waste of you time.
  5. Take charge of your time and protect it in every way.  The only people that can take some of your time are the clients that you serve and the bosses that you work for.  Be selective and protect your time.

Here is an important fact that summarises so many things that I have said.  When you believe that you are in control, you get more done and your success is much easier as a commercial real estate agent.  So the message here is that you must get in control.  Build you actions on a foundation of control.

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