Commercial Real Estate Sales Team Meetings and Targets

In commercial real estate agency you must have a sales team meeting strategy to help the business and the agents move ahead consistently.  Each week the challenges and shifts in the market place will impact the efforts of agents.  That being said, the sales team meeting gives everyone the opportunity to share issues and updates from the market.

The collective experiences from the market will help many agents improve and adjust efforts.  In any given 12 month period there will be changes in property listings, enquiries, finance, and negotiation pressures.  Sharing the experiences of the team, and establishing solutions to the current issues will help all concerned with market share and commissions.

Here are some ideas to help you with your sales team meetings in agency today:

  1. The best meetings are run at a time where the important issues of the day cannot and do not interfere.  In most cases that will be at or after 5pm on a given working day.  So often you see these meetings run first thing on weekday morning only to find that the attention of the agents is just not there.
  2. The time limits on a sales meeting should be set.  Expectations should be set on the time and duration of the meeting.  Keep to the plan so that all agents and administrative staff can organise their day accordingly.
  3. Use an agenda and minutes process so agreed issues and outcomes can be tracked.  Many agents will avoid actions and commitments.  The minutes process will help everyone stay on track.
  4. Set aside time in the meeting for agents to share experiences and challenges from the market.  Talk about the trends that are coming from marketing and negotiation efforts.
  5. At the end of the meeting spend 15 minutes in a team role play situation to help the skills of your agents expand and grow.
  6. Set up some team challenges relating to the property market.  Given that ‘personal performance’ underpins our industry, set up some listing and commission challenges that can get the team working on self-improvement.
  7. The competing agents in your market should be reported on as part of a market update.  Commissions and listings will need to be tracked.  In this way you will know when results are coming in or strengthening.
  8. As part of the team meeting process, have some methods of communication so that the team can share ideas between each meeting.  Involvement is really important to commercial real estate agency today.

A good commercial real estate agency will have a meeting process that works for all concerned.  That will allow your team to share information and improve skills and knowledge.

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