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How to Build Your Leasing Business with More Landlords and Tenants

If you are to make a reasonable commission from commercial or retail real estate leasing, the way in which you connect with landlords and tenants should be optimized in both frequency and branding.  Get the message out about the leasing market and how you can help with expansion, contraction and relocation.  Local businesses need help with occupancy; that is a fact that is active constantly in the local area.


There are plenty of clients to serve and customers to work with when it comes to commercial real estate leasing in your town or city. Understand the property market for the opportunities that exist now and in the future.


Look for the factors of change and churn in your property market so that you can relocate businesses and take advantage of the supply and demand factors in any new property development opportunities.


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Seasonal Leasing Opportunities


Also, consider timing and the seasonal changed to businesses in your location.  The leasing process is driven largely by timing and property upgrades.  Things change for business owners and property investors.  You can do something within that.  You can find the people that are under occupancy change or pressure.


Here is a checklist approach to leasing more properties in your city:


  • Tenants by BuildingFocus on the quality buildings in your location and the businesses and tenants therein. Comprehensively and thoroughly go through the directory lists in each building for tenant names and company types. Make direct contact.
  • Businesses by Street – Get a copy of the local street maps that apply to your precinct and territory. Logically and consistently research all of the buildings through all of the streets as part of your ongoing property research.
  • Lease Expiry Profiles – Some leases will be coming to an end, and thereby you can relocate those businesses into other locations and better buildings. Many companies today are looking for property upgrades and occupancy Improvement. You can also help tenants when it comes to rental savings and occupancy cost Improvements.
  • Business Leaders – As part of canvassing the business leaders in your location, get to know the larger companies and the leaders in each case. It can take time to connect with the leaders of each company, however, you will find that the larger businesses and the leaders of each really haven’t got the time for property choices and property research. That’s where you can step in when it comes to providing professional leasing services in your town or city.
  • Business Segments – You will find that some businesses are more inclined to relocate and grow given the status of the economy and the business community in your town or city. On that basis, research all the business types and decide where the most change and change can be achieved through business success and business growth. On that basis, you can connect with the business leaders in each case and attract leasing transactions through relocation, contraction, and expansion.


So, there are things to do here.  Get into the local business community and connect with the key people. Create conversations and you will find people and property situations that you can work with and on.

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