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How to Cash in on Your Commercial Property Listing Presentations

In commercial real estate sales and leasing, you must be prepared to provide the best information possible in your client presentation and listing pitch. You may only have a short period of time to convince the client that you are the best solution for their property challenge.  You must ‘cash in’ and convert.  Top agents have high ‘conversion factors’ in presentations.

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The client will make a choice of agent or broker largely based on what you say and do.  Established relationships can also have something to do with it, however the top agent with the best property solutions will generally win the business.

Consider these questions:

  • Are you convincing and committed to the property listing?
  • Are you offering special approached to marketing, inspecting, and negotiating?
  • Why should you be the better agent for the listing?
  • Have you told the client exactly how you will solve their property ‘pain’ in a direct and simple way?

If you are struggling with converting listings, and yet you are still doing a good number of new listing presentations each week, then it is time to go deeper and work on the issues of conversion.   Understand and analyze your conversions from the client’s perspective.  Work your recommendations into their concerns; understand things from their perspective.

Certainly you will not win every listing that you pitch for, but you should win at least 50 to 75% of the listings.  If that is not happening now, then you have a conversion and or competition problem.  Don’t let those issues hold back your market share and commission opportunities.  It’s time to work on the information that you supply and explain in your presentation.

So exactly how much detail and what information should you supply to the client in your property presentations?  Here is a simple list for starters:

  1. Target market – Your brand should support your property marketing, but the target market has to be set specifically in your proposal layout for the client to understand. Check the words and the factors of attraction in draft advertisements to show the client.  Let them see that your adverts are superior for their property challenge and matched to the property features.
  2. Best method of sale or lease – Don’t make it too hard to pull in the inquiry from the marketing efforts you deploy. Choose the best method of sale or lease that really matches the property.  Be specific in what you are recommending here to the client.  Give reasons for your choices.
  3. Inspection strategy – Look at the property and decide how you would take people through it as part of an inspection. The strengths and the features of the property should be merged into your inspection process.  On that basis you can explain to the client how you will do that and why it is so important to getting them a result with their property.
  4. Market facts and evidence – Talk about the local property market conditions and how they will play a part in the listing strategy you are recommending. Competing listings will also be up for assessment in your summation.  Give the client a clear path to property resolve.

You can add to the list based on client concerns and intentions.  Make the property marketing process simple and direct.  Unravel the facts of the property and the current market conditions in a logical and helpful way.  Show the client why you are the best solution to help them through their property challenge.  It is a simple strategy.

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