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How to Make Profitable Cold Calls in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

As the commercial property market changes, technology evolves and grows.  The telephone is now even more critical as a business tool than ever before. 

Just about all your clients and prospects and clients have a cell phone or office location.  Your job is to do the research, get the number of the person or the office to contact, and then create a professional call process to support the contact.

The quality of your research is critical to the results that you achieve in this business growth strategy.

There are some rules to the call contact process when it comes to effective telephone prospecting, making more cold calls, and growing your database.

If you are struggling in your real estate business now, then using the telephone as a prospecting tool can turn things around quite quickly. 

It is efficient, cost effective, and professional method of new business contact and prospecting (if you do things the right way).  So, here below are some ideas.

Telephone Prospecting Rules

Some important rules to making the outbound calls would generally be a mixture of the following:

  1. Know the essential people to talk to in your location and primary business zone
  2. Track your progress in a meaningful way with a quality database software program
  3. Make notes of vital property facts and locations of the contacted businesses and tenants
  4. Determine the ideal client or prospect type that would be valuable to your business growth
  5. Get serious in making more calls every day at the right time that connects you to your VIP client base and profile
  6. The calls that you make are pivotal in creating commercial brokerage listing opportunities so don’t neglect the process


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