How to Optimise Your Territory and Region for New Business

In commercial real estate brokerage, you will have an allocated territory and a preferred property type. Within both of those elements, there should be a definite strategy of approach and a tactical development plan for listings and for clients. 

People will come and go from the property market, and on that basis, your real estate strategy should be definite, direct, and flexible. Throughout the year there will be changes to extract from the property market, so adjust to those changes and optimise your listing opportunities. 

A process of constant contact will help you see where the opportunities are occurring, and help you adjust where necessary with any identified clients and or listings.

Look for the listings as they will be there. Look for the client’s, as there are people that need your help. Connect with business owners regularly to identify operational challenges and relocation needs.

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special report about territory development in commercial real estate brokerage

Special Report on Territory Coverage

In this special article for brokerage, you will understand the rules behind Territory optimisation and brokerage implementation.

You will be able to use these strategies to connect to the right people in the right way. There is also a chart in the report to help you identify the right people in your location for future new business opportunity.

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