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How to Pitch and Present a Commercial Real Estate Listing Like a Pro (Plus a Free Slide Deck)

In commercial real estate, you must frequently pitch and present your ideas to clients and prospects. Many of those ideas are for clients looking for property help, ideas, and solutions.

Sometimes, you are pitching for special solutions, like project leasing or property management. Either way, you can always be very specific in listing and sharing your real estate marketing ideas.

In this slide deck, we share some important points to cover in a property listing presentation.

Never Assume

Don’t assume that the client or prospect you’re pitching to understands the significance of your listing strategies and ideas. To help with this, you can fully explain the value and purpose of your strategies and recommendations.

Always recommend your approach and explain why things are important. Given the current market conditions, align your comments with the property and the client.

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Download the slide deck here.

Slide Deck Download

You can download the commercial real estate presentation strategy slide deck right here.

Be Specific and Not Generic

It is important to remember that the generic approach does not work in commercial real estate today.

Be very specific and elaborate on your recommendations and ideas that may apply to the client’s property and listing requirements. Explain how you will take actions and steps to achieve a timely real estate outcome.

Timeliness Results

Timeliness is the foundation of the listing process, so base your recommendations on it and keep the listing timeline or campaign approach simple and easy to implement.

Listing and selling commercial real estate are not experiments and will never be.

It is a very specific process that necessitates a distinct and clear approach the client can understand. This is where top agents excel in specific listing and marketing processes.

Providing Solutions

Immerse yourself in your solutions and presentation ideas. Be clear about your target market and why it is important to achieving the client’s desired sales result.

Some clients are hesitant to list their property today. The property market conditions or the agency may pose questions and ideas to them.

The only way to deal with this is to question and discuss the client’s concerns, from which you can eventually make clear recommendations. Make the listing process simple and direct in all ways.

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Question and Answer

Another effective strategy in property listing today is the ‘Question and Answer’ process. You can include a section in your property proposal to address the client’s questions about listing their property.

Your Q and A responses can be more detailed and direct, tailoring your document and recommendations to your client’s situation and needs.

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