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Market Share Revolution Pt.1 : Innovative Approaches for Commercial Real Estate Agents

The real estate market is changing; now is the time to talk to plenty of people as they develop strategies for properties they own or want to own. The property market today is all about gain and change.

The greater your market share, the greater your bargaining power, which will help you in real estate today. Top agents have a focus on market share and being relevant and different for their clients when it comes to property marketing and closing deals.

In this video, we share some ideas about how you can break down your real estate market share and find more people to help with sales, leasing, or property management.

Do People Know You?

You want people to know and remember you at the right time of property activity. When you’re known for consistently closing deals, you’re in a better position to advocate for your clients.

Think about your local track record with property transactions. Can you do more with that? Property owners are more likely to entrust their assets to agents with a track record of closing deals and increasing returns.

That is why signboard presence matters in commercial real estate. It is also why your database should be a big part of your real estate activities today.

Similarly, investors looking to add properties to their portfolios are likely to work with agents with a track record of identifying profitable real estate opportunities.

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