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Mastering Client Communication: How to Win More Real Estate Business

Clients are everything in commercial real estate brokerage today, and as the property market changes, the rule is ever more important for all agents and brokers.

In this special report for your download, we share the key facts and ideas behind ‘Keeping in Touch’ as a basic business strategy.

Keeping in touch with your clients and prospects is the ultimate strategy for top agents or any agents looking to progress today.

Download the Client Contact Report Here

To help you establish a ‘Keeping in Touch’ strategy in your real estate location with the people that matter, check out this special Client Contact report as a PDF download for you to keep and refer to.

keeping in touch ebook on ipad screeen

Simple Actions and Strategies

Let’s break things down into simple strategies and activities that you can easily implement daily in your real estate business.

Consistency is essential for increasing market share and improving real estate client interaction. Real estate does not need to be difficult, but it does need to be consistent.

Top agents work on a plan and stick to it until they need to refine it. Progress happens when agents take consistent action.

Building Your Business

There are rules to establish and activities to consider. These activities could become new habits in your real estate business.

Today, progress in real estate can only be achieved through consistent action and systemisation at the agent level. Your systems can be refined and improved to suit your specific property market and preferred property types.

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Establishing a Property Niche

Choose a real estate niche that you understand. When considering your territory and property opportunities, consider the various property types so that you can focus on the profitable property segments with a high number of listings or those that will exist in the future.

When you do this, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field and improve your standing with clients and new prospects. The property specialisation process also enables you to provide targeted language and property advice via social media channels and ongoing contact programmes.

Social Media Use

Consider using more social media channels than you currently do. This is primarily related to establishing a website or blog marketing strategy. As a result, you will have control over your online image as a local expert; search engines will notice your activity and save it for future use in property searches.

Be different and versatile in your social media use in real estate. You can share property-related ideas and articles specific to your location and preferred property niche. Focus on keywords relevant to your location, property type, or improvements. There are many stories to tell in commercial real estate today.

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Client Contact Strategies

Ongoing contact will allow you to use your database and contact strategies more effectively. What topics can you discuss when you meet people? Discuss your listings, market trends, pricing, enquiries, and returns on investment.

There is always something to share and discuss in a changing property market. Conversations foster connections and lead to future meetings with people who may require your assistance.

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