Performance Excuses are Irrelevant in Commercial Real Estate Agency

When you work as a commercial real estate agent for some time you will see that everything you achieve in the industry is up to you.  On that basis, excuses are of no benefit to an agent when things are tough and slow.  Actions and systemization are important factors to underpin commissions and listings.

When an agent tells me that they have few listings and little enquiry, I then ask them about their daily efforts and actions.  Very soon I can see that they are not doing most of the following:

  • Prospecting every day
  • Building Client relationships
  • Talking to new people in the market
  • Shifting their marketing efforts to things that work
  • Working their clients and listings to get better outcomes
  • Revisiting and growing their database to see what leads are available and can be actioned
  • Researching what is truly happening in their property zone or territory
  • Improving their skills as an agent to the demands of the industry today

So the message here is quite real and important for you in growing your business as an agent.  Look at what you are doing now and how you can improve it.  Don’t listen to other agents that are full of excuses for their personal lack of action and discipline.

Every day in your local property market there will be clients, and business owners that need help with property sales, leasing, and property management.  Whilst you may be a specialist in an area or a property discipline, be prepared to help and move the client to the right people in your agency.  Ask questions and find out what their ideal situation could be in today’s property market.  Don’t let the client move to another agency for any reason.  Find the skills in your agency to help the client.

Here are some tips for you:

  1. If you are lacking in some personal knowledge and skill in the industry, get the training and the information required to fill the gap and service your clients exceptionally well.
  2. Don’t listen to other agents that are struggling with listings and commissions.  Their failures and systems are of no benefit to you.
  3. Build your personal brand in the local area every day.  Your business card will help you with meetings and contacts made, your telephone will help you reach new people, and the internet will allow you to build personal profiles.
  4. Top agents create their commissions and listings from the market trends.  Look for the things that are improving or changing in the market when it comes to property precincts and property types.  Predict the changes and build your skills to service them.

Within these factors, a few things remain true and real; your success is something that you control.  Excuses are of no benefit to anyone in commercial real estate.  Take control and take action.  The market will soon show you the way forward.

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