Procrastination Hurdles to Fix in Commercial Real Estate Agency

As a commercial real estate agent, you will find that procrastination will be a very big issue as you strive towards your goals and targets.  Many things will happen every day that can take you away from the tasks that really matter.

Typically you will get daily pressures with things like:

  • Clients wanting to talk to you
  • Negotiations with buyers and sellers
  • Property inspections
  • Reports and proposals that need to be done
  • Marketing campaigns that need to be done
  • Prospecting in the local area
  • Making telephone calls
  • Your boss
  • Meetings in the office with the team
  • Checking out the local area for changes in listings and deals
  • Deals that are struggling for one reason or another

We get the best listings and top clients when we focus our efforts.  Some of the things in this list are more important than others.  The choices that you make every day with these things will greatly impact the results that you get.

So two words come to mind when I look at the ways many agents respond to the issues in the list.  The two words are ‘procrastination’ and ‘distraction’.  Far too many agents let these two things happen.

It is a fact that if you cannot control your business day and personal efforts, your commissions and listings will be poor to average.  When it comes to a career in commercial real estate agency, ‘luck’ doesn’t have much of a role to play.  Focus and action are really important to help you find the clients and the commissions that you need.

Here are some ideas to help you move ahead in the industry today:

  1. Write things down in a note book or diary before you consider when or if you should respond to them.  The process of writing issues down gives you time to consider your response if any at all.
  2. Some of those things detailed will be far more important than others.  Do not be afraid of declining to help someone or putting off your reaction or assistance for a few days.  Control your day first and foremost.
  3. Most ‘important’ things are not really critical to your business as an agent.  Assess everything on a ‘needs analysis to you’ basis, and prioritize your response method and time (if indeed you should respond at all).  I go back to the point that some things should not be reacted to or even done.
  4. Top agents use their time well.  They know the things that will help their market share and business grow.  They make the right choices in working for clients, and establishing real marketing momentum.

Take a look at the things that are distracting you now. Why are they impacting on your day?  If ‘procrastination’ and ‘distractions’ are getting the better of you and your real estate business, it is time to take action.

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