Principles to Strategic Listing Systems

When you start a career in commercial real estate brokerage the prospecting and new business processes that you build will be critical to the results at you achieve in sales, leasing, or property management over time. Listings are out there, and you just need a system to find them.

What are the questions you should explore about your location and the listing of property? Who are your preferred client types? Where can you find them? Cold calling and direct canvassing every day will be part of that business strategy and results creation process for you from a business perspective.

Simple Prospecting Ideas and Tips

These ideas should be the central part of how you reach out to new people locally and efficiently each day. So you have some choices to make here when it comes to just how you find and convert business in your local territory and brokerage base.

  • Where are the property challenges?
  • How can you help people?
  • What are your points of difference in brokerage?
  • Why will people use your services?

The cold hard facts are clear when it comes to our property industry and new business prospecting. You simply have to do it and learn how to then improve it over time; your system is important, so develop it.

Practice will get you there relatively quickly, but only if you apply yourself specifically and directly to the challenge. Get the special article on commercial property listings and strategies for that right here.

listing facts in commercial real estate
Special article on listing facts in commercial real estate brokerage.

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