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Cold Calling Success Simplicity

When you tell a salesperson in commercial real estate to start making more cold calls locally to grow his or her business, he or she usually embarks on something that they have not done before or at best have little training on. It is a new competence and a new process for most agents.  That […]


Cold Call Reluctance Solved Permanently

In commercial real estate brokerage and telephone prospecting, it is easy to get ‘swamped’ and diverted from the key task of making calls. Most people in real estate will avoid the task of call prospecting if there are some other things that can be done. That simple decision remains one of the biggest mistakes for […]


Understandable and Easy to Do Cold Calling Plan in Brokerage

Making plenty of outbound calls in commercial real estate today is perhaps the best way to create new business for yourself. As the property market changes, the fact of talking to new people will help you find the sales and leasing transactions where people want help. Sure, prices and rents are changing, but that is […]


Creating Call Blocking in Brokerage

A random approach to commercial real estate brokerage does not work overly well at any time, and as the property market is under change currently, the only way forward is by using systems of focus and consistent daily activity.  That is then a personal approach and discipline. Luck is not a good thing to rely […]


Cold Calling Solutions Video for Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate you need lots of listings and or exclusively hold your listings and lift the conversion factors from deliberate and direct marketing. Not every listing will sell or lease but you can improve things by making cold calls to your target audience. From making plenty of direct cold calls every day, you […]


Understanding Cold Calling Communications

When you work in brokerage sales and leasing in commercial real estate, the telephone prospecting process is a good part of business generation. It is also a special skill to learn. If you are looking to attract more clients and listings over time, then how you approach people across the telephone is so important. Who […]

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